Access Control

Access Control

Door Access Control Install

Access control, also known as keyless entry is a cost-effective ways to improve security in a business location. Business need to protect their physical location, provide security for employees and property while providing easy and secure access to authorized personnel.

Keyless entry access systems eliminates the need for keys, and provides a quick and easy way to create, change or remove access for employees. Just remove a former employee’s code from the system and issue a new code for the new employee. No need for requesting the return of keys, the added cost and time to make new keys or having to physically change all the locks on your doors.

Commercial Locksmith Services

In addition to the installation of keyless access control systems, our locksmith technicians offer services day & night for business lockout, exit door push bar install, door lock change, and more. Technicians are trained and equipped to get the job done right and will come to your business establishment in Glendale, AZ and the Metro Phoenix area.